Pre-Workshop Activity: Q&A

During the workshop you’ll be working through your own product challenges as they relate to your role and your organisation. Please complete this activity in advance to ensure you can make the most of the workshop and your trainer. If you’re unable to complete this before the workshop, that’s ok but please be aware that some activities on the day might simply take you a little longer.


This activity should take 30 minutes or less to complete.

Answer the following 5 questions

You’ll need to refer to these answers during the workshop. We recommend noting them down, somewhere you’ll be able to access on the day.


1. What is your biggest internal communication, alignment, or stakeholder challenge?

This is the core focus for the workshop so please be sure to think about the challenges you’re currently facing from this perspective.


2. What product strategy or goals do you need to align with?

We won’t be covering product strategy in this workshop — it’s a huge learning area on its own, but as we talk about alignment, it’s important to keep in mind what goals or strategy you’re aligning with.


Maybe you don’t know or have control over your product strategy or goals, perhaps you work with them in different ways e.g OKRs, KPIs, you might simply have a basic remit you’ve been given of what you are trying to achieve. Note down everything you do know and highlight where you might need to get clarity from your organisation.


Areas might include:

  • Company Mission and/or Vision
  • Product Strategy or Principles
  • OKRs / KPIs / Metrics you use

3. Who are your stakeholders?

You can think about this in relation to your product as a whole (depending on how big your company is) or maybe narrow it down to an initiative or feature you are working on. Think broadly about who is relevant. In the workshop, we will look at mapping and evaluating your stakeholders in more depth but having something to start with will be helpful.


4. Are there any stakeholders you would like to develop a deeper, shared understanding with?

Think about past or present challenges, or even something you anticipate being a challenge in the future. Who might block or challenge you in your work?


5. What is an example of something you would like to communicate to your stakeholders?

This could be a new project, customer interview findings, recurring challenges, or anything you feel needs to be communicated more widely than your existing team. Note down the basics and we’ll work on crafting a story around it during the workshop.