When Innovation Programs Fail by Brant Cooper

BY Emily Tate on September 14, 2018

When Brant Cooper typically speaks to innovation practitioners, he usually tells them to “stop innovating”. He says this because they typically fail to define what they mean by the word innovation. At #mtpcon San Francisco, he helped product practitioners to understand what innovation is, why innovation programs fail, and how we can help to change Read more »

Roadmaps are dead! Long live roadmaps! by C. Todd Lombardo

BY Emily Tate on August 31, 2018

Do you ever feel like breaking up with your roadmap? In his talk from #mtpcon San Francisco, C. Todd Lombardo takes on a topic that is emotional to most of us as product managers – the product roadmap. Read more »

Over a decade of amazing product talks

BY Louron Pratt on May 15, 2019

Since 2012, Mind the Product has been running #mtpcon all over the world in cities including, London, Singapore and San Francisco, as well as #mtpEngage in Hamburg and Manchester. We now offer digital conferences too – enabling even more people in the community to get involved! We continue to invite some of the top product Read more »

Cognitive biases and the questions you shouldn’t be asking by Cindy Alvarez

BY Emily Tate on August 3, 2018

No one is immune to cognitive biases. Cindy Alvarez, Principle Researcher at Microsoft and Author of Lean Customer Development wants us to recognize this fact. Because while we can’t avoid bias altogether, she has some advice for us on how to work around bias and reduce the impact it has in our research. You are Read more »

Reboot Your Team by Christina Wodtke

BY Emily Tate on July 27, 2018

Opening #mtpcon in San Francisco, Christina Wodtke turned our focus to our teams. Among the many jobs product managers perform, team coordinator is often added to the list. This isn’t a job that product managers should have to do, but like many other tasks, “if it ain’t happening, you’ve gotta fix it.” Christina told us Read more »

Honing our Craft at #mtpcon SF 2018

BY Martin Eriksson on July 26, 2018

Another year, another amazing #mtpcon conference! Last week 1,600 passionate product people from 33 countries and 37 states across the US gathered in San Francisco for two days of learning, sharing, and honing our craft. It started with a day of workshops and product leadership discussions before the main event, a day of 10 incredible Read more »

What we Learned at #mtpcon San Francisco 2018

BY Emily Tate on July 19, 2018

This year #mtpcon San Francisco brought together 1,600 product people from 33 countries and 37 states across the US to learn, share, and connect over our craft. After a day of workshops and leadership discussions, the main conference presented 10 amazing speakers who shared their insights and gave the crowd new ideas to think about Read more »

Effective Storytelling to Motivate and Align Your Team by Anna Marie Clifton

BY Megan Hart (Conlin) on July 3, 2018

As product managers, we often talk in data points. For instance, we have X number of monthly active users, we want to grow subscriptions by X amount, this feature is expected to increase logins by X. However, when we start listing out data points, our listeners’ eyes begin to glaze over. As humans, we’re not Read more »

How to Design for Behavioral Change by Matt Wallaert

BY Megan Hart (Conlin) on April 20, 2018

In this talk from ProductTank San Francisco, Matt Wallaert, chief behavioral officer at Clover Health, shares psychology-based methods for designing products that inspire people to change their behavior. Matt draws on his background as a social psychologist and describes the use of competing-pressures design and behavioral statements as tools to get people to change behavior. Read more »

The playbook for achieving product-market fit

BY Dan Olsen on July 13, 2017

Why do products fail? One of the main reasons why is because they don’t meet customer needs in a way that is better than other alternatives. That is the essence of product-market fit. In this talk at ProductTank San Francisco, I share advice from my book The Lean Product Playbook on how to achieve product-market fit. Read more »