What do you Need to be an Outstanding Product Manager by Patrick Roelofs

BY Patrick Roelofs on August 2, 2019

Click CC for subtitles in English What do you need to be an outstanding product manager? This is one of the key questions for every product organisation and it is also one that this talk from MTP Engage Hamburg tries – at least to some extent – to answer. I share some of the issues […]

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Why Feature FOMO Stalls Product Innovation

BY Brian Crofts on August 1, 2019

Messenger apps started as the simplest way to start a conversation online. Open the app. Select a person to chat with. Go. Today, those apps have seemingly endless ways for users to engage: video chat, send gifs, send emojis, send money, use a filter, buy and sell goods, play games, talk to bots, and more. […]

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How do you Find Enterprise Product/Market fit?

BY Rajat Harlalka on July 30, 2019

It’s never easy to create enterprise-grade products. They are inherently expensive. You need them to meet exacting standards, and you also need a very convincing story as to why any enterprise should buy into your product. Enterprises are large, slow-moving machines, so even a seemingly small change can involve a lot of hours and money […]

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How to Fall Out of Love With Your Own Idea by Mirkka Lansisalo

BY Mirkka Lansisalo on July 26, 2019

In this talk from MTP Engage Hamburg I look at how we can become blinded to the faults of our own ideas, and how a collaborative organization culture can help to overcome this. A desire to change the world can be a key driver of success for entrepreneurs and startups, but sometimes it also has […]

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4 Product-Driven Steps to an ArtificiaI Intelligence Roadmap

BY Daniel Shenfeld on July 25, 2019

What’s so transformative about artificial intelligence (AI), anyway? Artificial intelligence (AI) is regularly breaking new ground, from DeepMind’s AlphaGo Zero teaching itself to play Go and beating human champions to text-generating algorithms so powerful that their creators at OpenAI decided not to release them publicly for fear of malicious use. While these accomplishments are rightfully generating enormous buzz and […]

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Outcomes Over Outputs - Josh Seiden on The Product Experience

BY The Product Experience on July 24, 2019

A nice bit of serendipity this week: this week’s guest, Josh Seiden, had his new book (Outcomes Over Output) recommended in last week’s episode by guest Rich Mironov. While we didn’t plan this, it’s no surprise – Josh is a respected author, speaker, trainer, and consultant, and the book is a fantastic read.  As a […]

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Insights From the #mtpcon San Francisco Product Leadership Forum

BY Kate Bennet on July 23, 2019

As product management evolves, so do the challenges and questions facing product management leaders. At last week’s #mtpcon San Francisco Product Leadership Forum, senior product professionals got together to discuss the current hot topics of career paths, talent management, and psychological safety. Here are some of the insights that surfaced during this year’s forum. Theme […]

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Why Authenticity Matters in Your Product Management Job Hunt

BY Bridget McMullan on July 22, 2019

In January 2019, LinkedIn published the 15 most promising jobs for the year. Product owner (87% YoY growth) and product manager (29% YoY growth) both made the cut. Search terms have doubled for “product manager”, and Harvard recently reported that 7% of graduates are pursuing product management careers. Product management is becoming a popular career choice, and […]

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Connecting the Dots: How Personalisation Shaped my Career by Elize Bosker

BY Elize Bosker on July 19, 2019

My product management career has been shaped by my experiences in developing personalised products. In this talk for #MTPEngage Hamburg, I walk through my experiences, failures, and learnings, and share what personalisation in product has taught me so far. Content-based Recommendations Versus Demographics Personalisation only takes you so far on an ad-driven platform. Your safest […]

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Product Management Strategies for Supporting Collaboration by Gretchen Anderson

BY Annie Witcombe on July 18, 2019

More and more organisations are switching to agile working, yet few business people have been trained in collaborative skills. Although we like the idea of working together, businesses can stifle collaboration and teamwork through competition and individualism. In this ProductTank San Francisco talk, product designer and author Gretchen Anderson shares her thoughts and experiences of […]

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