October's top product management content

BY Eira Hayward on October 28, 2022

From OKRs and rethinking the traditional funnel model through to a guide to customer-led product strategy, here’s a quick run through the top content published by Mind the Product in October. Read more »

Are you a Product Manager? Or a Project Manager in disguise?

BY Karen Velasquez on October 27, 2022

In this guest post, Karen Velasquez, Product Manager at Signable, delves into the difference between product management and project management from her experiences in both roles. Read more »

Learnings from London: Mastering the art of the big bet by Alice Newton Rex

BY Eira Hayward on October 11, 2022

This final look back at some of the stand-out talks from #mtpcon London takes us back to last year and a talk from WhatsApp Product Director Alice Newton Rex on the common trends adopted by those who’ve found success making big product bets. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND - How to get things done: Raise your organisational awareness by Kate Leto

BY Eira Hayward on October 9, 2022

This Sunday Rewind from Kate Leto takes us back a few years to examine organisational awareness, which she describes as a product leader’s ability to manoeuvre the complex human networks and patterns of influence, values, emotions and power that make up an organisation’s operating system. Someone with high organisational awareness can, says Kate: Make more Read more »

Simple steps to effective collaboration

BY Eira Hayward on October 3, 2022

In an ideal world, product management and the rest of the business work together in a spirit of constant cooperation and collaboration. There’s no friction, everyone pulls together and works towards a universally understood common goal, and everyone is listened to and treated with respect – happy days. If that’s your reality – amazing. For Read more »

Helping startups to build a product practice

BY Eira Hayward on September 19, 2022

If you work in product you’ll know Martin Eriksson. ProductTank founder, co-founder of Mind the Product, author of a bestselling book on Product leadership, you will have heard him speak or read something he’s written. For over 20 years he’s been a driving force in furthering the craft of product management and shaping Product practice. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Applying product principles to guide better product decisions

BY Eira Hayward on September 18, 2022

This week’s Sunday Rewind takes us back to a post from Nir Gazit on how to use product principles as a framework for decision making at all levels of an organisation. Nir takes us through his advice for writing product principles with a list of dos and don’ts, together with examples. Make a clear decision. Do state Read more »

Learnings from #mtpcon: Donna Lichaw on crafting products that engage

BY Eira Hayward on September 9, 2022

This look at what we’ve learned from years past at #mtpcon London takes us back to 2016 and a talk from Donna Lichaw on the importance of storytelling in product management: Crafting products that engage. Donna is a film-school graduate turned product specialist, and she uses her experience in film to develop and advocate a Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Stop thinking about the user interface

BY Eira Hayward on August 28, 2022

This week’s Sunday Rewind takes us back a few years to an article from Juan Jose Ramirez that unpicks our approach to product design and suggests a design methodology that product managers may find useful to add to their workflow. The author says that most product professionals start with a high-end design for their product Read more »

Learnings from London: Dave Wascha - Inside the mind of a product manager

BY Eira Hayward on August 26, 2022

In this week’s Learnings from London, we look back at the high spots from #mtpcon London in years past we bring you Dave Wascha’s talk from 2014, Inside the mind of a product manager. Read more »