Making magic with balanced teams by Becki Hyde

BY Andres Phillips on July 23, 2021

In this ProductTank Louisville talk, Becki Hyde, senior product manager and leadership advisor at VMWare Tanzu Labs, explains some of the problems that many teams working in the tech industry face. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: Badass: Making users awesome

BY Imogen Schels on May 30, 2021

This week we’re rewinding all the way to 2015 and a classic #mtpcon San Francisco keynote from Kathy Sierra — Badass: Making users awesome. Kathy argues that every experience has the potential to be transformative if we just build them the right way and she provides brilliant, at times laugh out loud funny, examples to Read more »

Tools for agile product teams by Gavan Moule

BY Eira Hayward on May 12, 2021

In this #mtpcon Digital APAC session, sponsored by Lucidspark, the company’s customer success manager Gavan Moule takes us through ways we can facilitate Agile workshops and team working using Lucidspark virtual whiteboards. With so many of us working remotely, tools such as these are really coming into their own. Watch the talk in full or Read more »

Mind the Product: Surviving 2020

BY Imogen Schels on April 29, 2021

We know that people enjoy product case studies and like learning about what other teams have been through, but it can be hard to find people willing to share. This is because real life often looks very different from the polished think pieces and frameworks that you see in most articles. But the truth is, Read more »

Building Products for Bharat by Arpit Maheshwari and Smriti Pant

BY Andres Phillips on March 15, 2021

In this ProductTank Delhi talk, Arpit Maheshwari and Smriti Pant, Product Managers at Hike, take us through how Indian products are being built to solve local problems in cities throughout the country. Watch the video to see their talk in full or read on for a summary of their key points: What is Bharat and Read more »

Making Hard Product Decisions for All the Right Reasons

BY Louron Pratt on February 15, 2021

As product managers, it’s our job to think responsibly as we design and build products for our users. In this ProductTank Dublin talk, two speakers, Gibson Biddle and Kevin Devine, touch on this topic in different ways. Gibson Biddle talks us through some ‘wicked hard’ decisions and reveals the steps you should take to ensure Read more »

“Who” Your User Is Doesn’t Matter: Ask “Why” To Build Better Products

BY Robert Goesch on February 2, 2021

Who people are, their age, gender and habits tell us nothing about their needs. In this post, I’ll explore the idea that it’s when we examine the job they want our product to do that we really learn about these different things. In a competitive environment, the reasons why people choose our product over others Read more »

Lessons from launching a new product with a remote team

BY Ning Li on December 1, 2020

Mira is in the final stages of launching its new product, Mira Plus. While the planning began well before Covid-19, the final stages have been overseen by teams that are not only located in different countries but also filled with employees working remotely for their first time. As a company, Mira is divided between the Read more »

3 common product operations pitfalls

BY Adam Thomas on November 26, 2020

Product operations maximises efficiency in learning & impact. Adam Thomas highlights the key pitfalls that indicate you’re ready to operationalise the product org. Read more »

Beware the Tyranny of Customer Feedback

BY Adam Thomas on September 3, 2020

The customer is always right – right? This adage – one that many of us grew up with – is a guiding principle of product development. If we can just listen to the customer – if we just give them what we want, our path to product success can’t be too far off. Isn’t that Read more »