Multi-Armed Bandit Testing

BY Davide Scalzo on November 19, 2013

Multi-armed bandit testing involves a statistical problem set-up. The most-used example takes a set of slot machines and a gambler who suspects one machine pays out more or more often than the others.  For every token, they need to decide which slot machine to use in order to maximise winnings from their budget. This set-up Read more »

Mind the Product 2013: How to Create Amazing Products, Exit for a Billion Dollars and Change the Future

BY Charlotta Buxton on October 2, 2013

At Mind the Product 2013 you could learn how to build a billion-dollar app, think differently about the future, take risks and figure out if your company is disruptive or sustaining. No wonder the attendees’ heads were swimming with information as they headed to the post-conference drinks. “It’s great to get some hands on advice,” Read more »

Mind the Product 2013 liveblog

BY Charlotta Buxton on September 27, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Mind the Product conference in London. Here you’ll be able to find out what happens during the day. Intro by Mind the Product founder Martin Eriksson What is Mind the Product? It’s an international community with 4000 members and meet-ups in 12 cities around the world . We are a movement, Read more »

Five Ways of Becoming a Respected Product Leader in the C-Suite

BY Jörg Malang on September 9, 2013

Modern product management is a relatively young discipline.  There remains a lot of room for a final definition of what product management is and how it can be best organized. At the same time, it is necessary to stake a claim as quickly as possible. Firstly, the career path for product managers needs properly establishing. Secondly, Read more »

Why Your Products' Controls Should Have No Labels

BY Peter Hildebrandt on July 15, 2013

Have you ever found instructions on the shower faucet in a hotel room?  I’ll bet you have. Here is the shower in a Sunnyvale hotel at which I recently stayed. The faucet was so complicated to use that they had set aside a tile with instructions on how to use it. I probably could have Read more »

A Framework For Evaluating Market Opportunity

BY Neal Cabage on May 22, 2013

How do you know whether a product idea is going to succeed if you build it and take it to market?  If you’ve ever been part of a startup, or if your organization has launched a new line of products, you know how precarious the effort can be. Some would advocate using the ‘Lean’ method Read more »

Tips for managing time expectations in consulting

BY Kate Leto on April 24, 2013

As a freelancer, one of the most common scenarios I’ve been asked about over the last few months is what to do when the hiring company believes they need a full-time person, but you’re only interested in part-time projects. While some may be interested in taking on that type of project (more security and potentially Read more »

What can product managers learn from film directors?

BY David Hawdale on January 14, 2013

One day, a colleague and I were having a conversation over a pint as to whether you could make the film Blade Runner using Agile processes. We concluded that you could not. We thought you’d need something more. A vision. A way of developing that vision, and a way to not lose the vision in Read more »

Rapid prototyping the Google X way

BY Basheera Khan on December 2, 2012

In How to make products that people love, Marty Cagan had tons of good advice for rapid product discovery, including the importance of finding the fastest, cheapest way to validate ideas. Chief among this toolkit is the rough live data prototype. For teams working primarily with digital products, this type of rapid prototyping in software Read more »

The life and times of a Product Management Consultant ...

BY Kate Leto on November 20, 2012

Just over a year ago, I left a full-time position as head of product at and dove into the un-chartered waters of freelance product management work. After nearly 15 years of full-time work, my goal was to work three or four days a week while I started my own business. I was so attracted Read more »