Airbnb's product management shift: the view from product leaders

BY Becky Yelland on July 14, 2023

I’m sure you noticed the remarks of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky a couple of weeks ago and have seen the attendant furore they caused: it was reported that he told the audience at Figma’s annual conference that Airbnb had got rid of its product management function. Chesky later clarified what he’d said in a tweet: in Read more »

Building healthy and high performing teams with West Monroe

BY Louron Pratt on July 5, 2023

In this Spotlight Session at #mtpcon San Francisco 2023, sponsored by West Monroe, Suzanna Smith, Director of Product Experience and Engineering Lab at West Monroe, and Max Pohl, Senior Principal Product Manager at Carbon Five, discuss building healthy and high-performing product teams. Read more »

The importance of psychological safety for remote teams by Diana Stepner

BY Louron Pratt on July 3, 2023

In this #mtpcon SF keynote, Diana Stepner, Head of Product, Education at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, shared insights on the importance of psychological safety for remote teams. Watch the video in full, or read on for a recap of her key takeaways. Read more »

SUNDAY REWIND: The PMwheel – a compass for the product manager development journey

BY Eira Hayward on May 21, 2023

This week’s Sunday Rewind goes back to a 2020 post from product coach Petra Wille that explains her framework “The PMwheel”, and how to use it to understand a product manager’s responsibilities. Read more »

Leadership meetup: Leading product teams in times of change

BY Alivia Kasumov on May 5, 2023

This month’s Mind the Product leadership meetup in San Francisco brought together attendees across the Bay Area, from companies big and small. Three speakers joined us to discuss all things leadership during difficult times. Here’s what we learned. Read more »

Creating a culture of vulnerability in product teams with Yi-Wei Ang

BY Louron Pratt on May 4, 2023

Yi-Wei Ang is the Chief Product Officer at talabat (Delivery Hero) who has been working in product for over a decade. We caught up with him this week to talk about his journey into product and what he’ll be speaking about at #mtpcon San Francisco 2023 on June 14. Read more »

Jonny Schneider: Product-led and collaboration conundrums

BY Eira Hayward on May 1, 2023

We catch up with product leader Jonny Schneider to find out his thoughts on why businesses find it hard to become product-led and why cross-functional collaboration is so important.

Read more »

How do you fix an underperforming product team?

BY Eira Hayward on April 24, 2023

The issues with an underperforming product team: Advice from experienced product leaders on actions to take Read more »

Building diverse product teams: Why it matters and how to achieve it

BY Naimeesha Murthy on April 18, 2023

The advantages of fostering diversity within product management and actionable steps that can be taken to promote inclusion. Read more »

Trust? In product management?

BY Reid Manchester on March 28, 2023

Do you sleep well at night? Or are you restless, and worried about your product’s health and success? If you join me in the latter category the reason may be related to trust and risk. Read more »