Attendee troubleshooting tips

Quick checks to keep you up and running

Avoid any technical glitches during our digital events (hosted on Hopin) with these quick troubleshooting tips.


Join from a compatible browser

Hopin works best on Chrome and Firefox. Pro tip: Make sure your browser is up-to-date.


Check your internet speed and network

We recommend a minimum of 5mbps download and 2mbps upload. Ideally, we like to see 30mbps download and 10mbps upload or higher for the best quality – test your speed here.


  • If you are using a VPN (network) or device provided by your employer, ensure your device can access and share your camera and microphone.
  • Ensure you can access the following website domains to use Hopin (you may have to check with your IT department if you’re using a device or network provided by your employer): * * * * * *
  • To ensure the best possible experience refer your IT department to this page for a full list of Network Connectivity Settings.


Restart your computer before joining the event

This ensures that there are no other video applications holding onto audio or video for any reason.

Please use headphones when participating on-screen

This will help eliminate echo and feedback.


Loss of sound or audio

If you lose sound or can’t share your audio/video or screen share, try these steps (in order):

  • Refresh your browser
  • Quit and relaunch your browser
  • Clear your cache or join from an incognito or private browser window
  • Ensure your browser’s permissions are granted to have access to your camera and microphone (in Chrome, type into the URL bar: chrome://settings/content). If you’re on a Mac, ensure your browser has permission to record your screen (open your computer’s System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording > find your browser in the list and check the box)
  • Restart your computer
  • Join the event in a different browser (e.g. switch from Chrome to Firefox)

If you are continuing to have technical problems or are experiencing an issue not covered above please reach out to a member of the Mind the Product team or refer to the Hopin troubleshoot guide for a more extensive list of fixes.