Advertorials on Mind the Product

Showcase your product to an audience of passionate product people all over the world. 

Mind the Product advertorials are a unique opportunity to showcase your product, via carefully crafted editorial, to the world’s largest audience of passionate product people.

We use the strength of our brand to showcase yours and the expertise of our editorial team to deliver content that people will want to read, from start to finish.


Why choose to work with us?

By publishing a paid post on Mind the Product, your brand will reach thousands of product managers around the globe. Our website receives over 200,000 unique visits a month with a large majority spending a prolonged amount of time consuming high-quality and engaging content that is published on our website. 


In addition to our website, your post will be promoted on our social channels, which have a combined audience of 200,000 followers, as well as our Slack channel where we have over 60,000 active members. Finally, your article will be pinned on our homepage under our ‘best picks’ section and will be included in our weekly newsletter which is sent to 80,000 experienced and engaged product professionals. 


Expand your brand visibility globally by writing an engaging and thought-provoking article, enticing users to find out more and invest time into your company.


  • How does the process work? keyboard_arrow_right

    To reach this targeted audience of tech users globally – over an initial call – our experienced editorial team will work with you to create a piece of content designed to deliver the leads that you want while being native to Mind the Product. 

    Your advertorial will:

    • Be targeted to people in product management roles
    • Provide actionable insights
    • Share new methods, or help to refine existing ones
    • Broaden the reader’s mindset
  • Editorial guidelines keyboard_arrow_right

    We require all paid posts to be 700-1250 words to provide the foundation of your advertorial. We will edit it to style, add colour, and ensure the message you want to give is clear. Your piece will include your company logo and up to 3 relevant images. Our team will include one set of edits prior to publication.

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Here’s what your article will look like on site




What does our global community have to say about us?


“Mind the Product has a very special blend of carefully curated content and creative community” Marty Cagan, SVPG. 


“We have not found any other community like Mind the Product that is so authentic and serves product people and teams so well. If product managers are your target market, Mind the Product is the best place to be.” Jenna Lindberg, Strategic Accounts at Mixpanel.


“I always come away from Mind the Product content with a renewed feeling of empowerment – that I have so many more tools that I can use to make my job easier and products better for the end user.” Leo Barnes, Amido.



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