About Our Premium Content

Having launched Mind the Product Membership in 2020, we're keen to answer the questions we think you might have about our premium content.

What extra content do paying members get?

Content that is exclusively for paying members (those with Prioritised and MTP Leader membership) includes but is not limited to:

  • Deep-dive articles featuring comments and insights from multiple experts, written and reviewed by our professional content team
  • Professionally edited case studies from real companies
  • Extended reports based on data
What type of content can I expect to see as Prioritised member?

For Prioritised members, we be publish content to help you develop vital product management skills, hone your craft, and level up your career. To do this, we work with leading experts in product to deliver deep dives on everything from data-driven product management and roadmapping, to pricing strategy, backlog prioritisation, and beyond. We also deliver bespoke articles on careers in product, covering topics such as how to negotiate your salary and refine your interview skills to moving up the ladder and finding your next role. You can take a look at what's available for Prioritised members right now.

What type of content can I expect to see as an MTP Leader?

For MTP Leaders we cover topics beyond basic product management skills such as building and scaling teams, managing strategy and vision, working with other disciplines in the C-Suite, digital transformation, coaching product managers, and other leader-focused discussions. This membership is application-only. This is to ensure that members are able to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful.

How does this content differ from content available to non-paying members?

Content that's available only to paying members includes:

  • Content created by our in-house editorial team, exclusively for members
  • Content created in collaboration with or by our trusted experts, exclusively for our members
  • Commissioned content that has been created by external, writers and experts for a fee
Can I submit guest-authored content that's not for members?

Yes! You are welcome to submit unpublished content for consideration to the team at editor@mindtheproduct.com and your content, if published by Mind the Product, will be available to everyone on mindtheproduct.com where our same guidelines on criteria, style, and exclusivity apply.

Do I have to have a membership to contribute content?

No, you do not need to be a member to contribute content to Mind the Product. We welcome contributions from everyone in the product community!

If I contribute as a guest author, will everyone see it or only members?

If you are a guest author we want to ensure that your content is available to everyone in our community. For that reason, it will be published on the blog for everyone to see! In fact, it's likely to get even more exposure as we'll showcase top guest-authored content for our members.

I've written for Mind the Product in the past, can my post still be seen by everyone?

Yes. Your article will remain available to everyone and, as mentioned above, we might even promote it to our members who will be able to read it where it was originally published on mindtheproduct.com

Can my insights, expertise or case studies be considered for inclusion in premium content?

Yes! If you have an idea or a framework for a case study that you think members would be interested to read and would like our support in creating it for members, feel free to let us know. Simply email editor@mindtheproduct.com

If you would like to be considered as an expert on a particular topic/topics and would be happy to be contacted for comment (for inclusion in our membership content), you can let us know. Simply complete our contributor survey and, if a relevant opportunity comes up, we'll get in touch.