Announcing World Product Day – the World’s Largest Product Management Event

BY Martin Eriksson ON APRIL 6, 2018

This year we’re celebrating the 8th Anniversary of ProductTank, our global series of product management meetups for product people, by product people, and what better way to do that than to host the world’s largest product management event?

We’re thrilled to announce the first ever World Product Day on May 23, the 8th anniversary of the first ProductTank meetup in London, a day which will feature an incredible 90 local, in-person, events right across the world.

World Product Day 2018 Map

Each city will host their regular ProductTank meetup, livestream their event, and make a ton of noise on the hashtags #worldproductday and #producttank – leading to a wave of product discussion starting in Wellington, New Zealand, spanning 42 countries, and culminating across the West Coast of North America 20 hours later.

We see this not just as a great way to celebrate our 8th anniversary, but to continue our mission of raising awareness of and appreciation for the craft of product management and our global tribe of product people!

So join us at one of the local meetups or get involved online by following the action on #worldproductday – and if ProductTank isn’t yet in your city there’s no better time to get started – get in touch and we’ll help you start!

Martin Eriksson


Martin Eriksson

Martin Eriksson has 20+ years experience building world-class online products in both corporate and start-up environments for global brands such as Monster, Financial Times, Huddle, and Covestor. He is the Founder of ProductTank, the Co-Founder and Curator of Mind the Product, and an Executive in Residence at leading private equity and venture capital fund EQT. He is also the author of best-seller Product Leadership, How Top Product Leaders Launch Great Products and Build Successful Teams (O'Reilly, 2017).