Product Warrior Podcast: Janna Bastow Talks the Challenges of Established Products

BY Dave Martin ON FEBRUARY 9, 2018

This week’s Product Warrior podcast, supported by Mind The Product, centres on the challenge of “adopting” an established product from previous product management.

ProdPad and Mind The Product co-founder Janna Bastow explains how existing products in different growth stages come with additional product challenges compared with greenfield products. Such challenges include:

  • Tech debt
  • Business and operational constraints
  • Messy backlog of features and bugs

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Janna advises that we consider different user personas around the cohorts of new and advanced users. Consideration of these user groups is key when interpreting experimentation results, she says. Advanced users needs will evolve with the product.

Based on her experiences of working with many product managers around the world, Janna shares how changing an established product introduces a fear of upsetting the user base and of a negative impact on numbers. She warns against the following bad habits:

  • Stalling decision making until perfect data is found
  • Making decisions based on unclean data or not enough data
  • Shock when your data points you in the wrong decision

Janna shares her personal experiences of the difficulties in staying true to the strategic focus of the product and avoiding becoming a feature factory. She explains how to use your roadmap to stay aligned to company strategy.

Listen to the podcast to hear Janna explain the detail.

Next Thursday’s episode features a story from BrandWatch with senior product manager Mark Rogers.

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Dave Martin


Dave Martin

Dave Martin is Chief Product Officer at Tes Global and a podcasting blogger at Product Warrior. He is passionate about lean product management, growth innovation and process improvement. His product battle scars and learnings come from working or consulting interesting folks such as PepsiCo, Google,, Essence Digital, Skybet,, Bauer Media, ThoughtWorks and various startups.