Leisa Reichelt – Changing organisations to improve products

BY Martin Eriksson ON NOVEMBER 7, 2014

Leisa Reichelt, head of user research at the UK’s government digital services, spoke to us at Mind the Product 2014 about how good design and good team work can create great innovative products, even within slow moving and conservative organisations.

The key is to change the DNA of the organisation. In this talk Leisa shares some practical advice on how to change organisational behaviour to improve products, from showing instead of telling to changing the language of an organisation.

She also highlights the importance of reducing the distance between the people designing the product and making decisions about them and the people who use them, through increased research and team participation in that research.

Martin Eriksson


Martin Eriksson

Martin Eriksson has 20+ years experience building world-class online products in both corporate and start-up environments for global brands such as Monster, Financial Times, Huddle, and Covestor. He is the Founder of ProductTank, the Co-Founder and Curator of Mind the Product, and an Executive in Residence at leading private equity and venture capital fund EQT. He is also the author of best-seller Product Leadership, How Top Product Leaders Launch Great Products and Build Successful Teams (O'Reilly, 2017).