Video: Stripe uses Product as a Competitive Advantage

BY Janna Bastow ON JANUARY 24, 2014

How can an API for payments, admittedly not the most alluring of products, still garner so much love from its users? Andy Young (@andyy) asked the same question at ProductTank January.

Andy works on UK things at Stripe, a company in the payments space that just yesterday got funded with a valuation of $1.75B, talked about how product can be a competitive advantage.

Andy argued that creating a product that is only ten percent better doesn’t create a sustainable advantage, for competitors can easily catch up. But by having a clear, total focus on building a better product, Stripe was able to build a significantly better offering.

In this talk, Andy discusses how Stripe was able to break traditional molds and find a product process that worked for them… including having completely transparent emails and no product managers at all!


Janna Bastow

Janna Bastow comes from a user-centric design background and has extensive experience building social web experiences. She founded ProductCamp London in 2010 in an effort to meet and learn from other product managers. As a product manager always looking for better tools, she co-founded ProdPad, product management software that helps you manage your roadmap and your product backlog. Update: We’re developing an e-course to help you set up and introduce a flexible theme-based roadmap, at your organization. We’ll drop it in your inbox when it’s ready – sign up here.