Video: Beyond usable – mapping emotion to experience

BY Martin Eriksson ON DECEMBER 20, 2013

Addiction or devotion? The complexity of our relationships between connected experiences, devices and people is increasing. In her talk at Mind the Product 2013, design ethnographer Kelly Goto presents underlying emotional indicators that reveal surprising attachments to brands, products, services and devices. She argues that we must move past addiction and into meaning — using contextual research and Why-Finding methods to understand the connections and disconnects between our customers and the products they love.

Why-finding reveals key connectors that map experience to emotion. These connectors lie between what people are aware of and deeper meaning. Identifying those key connectors is an essential part of product strategy.

As an evangelist for design ethnography, Kelly is dedicated to understanding how people integrate products and services into their daily lives. gotomedia is an industry leader in research-driven, people-friendly interface design and strategy for web, mobile and product solutions for clients including Samsung, Hyundai, and Adobe. Her book, Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow That Works, is a global standard for user-centered design principles.

Martin Eriksson


Martin Eriksson

Martin Eriksson has 20+ years experience building world-class online products in both corporate and start-up environments for global brands such as Monster, Financial Times, Huddle, and Covestor. He is the Founder of ProductTank, the Co-Founder and Curator of Mind the Product, and an Executive in Residence at leading private equity and venture capital fund EQT. He is also the author of best-seller Product Leadership, How Top Product Leaders Launch Great Products and Build Successful Teams (O'Reilly, 2017).