Hey Recruiter, Project Manager ≠ Product Manager

BY Martin Eriksson on July 29, 2011

I just got off the phone with a recruiter who somehow managed to bypass my bullshit detector long enough to actually pitch me a job that was “a perfect fit for my profile”. First of all, stop talking about my profile you perv. […]

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Release Early and Often - Where Ljubljana Seedcampers Need Discipline

BY Simon Cast on July 28, 2011

On July 14th, Mini Seedcamp was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and I went along as a mentor. As usual, Ljubljana and Slovenia put on a great experience with warm (very warm) weather, great food and fine wine along with the all-important wonderful startups. Our first meeting with the startups came in the form of 5 […]

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Creating a Product Culture Starts with Communication

BY Janna Bastow on July 27, 2011

Having a product culture is about having the product, the very thing that you’re building, at the heart of the business, a core aspect that’s granted the attention it needs. This means that everyone in the company is an advocate for what you’re building and how you’re building it. The most successful product-centric companies include […]

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What VCs expect from Product (and vice versa)

BY Martin Eriksson on July 25, 2011

Having been a Product Manager at Intel and Google, Rob Kniaz of Hoxton Ventures is one of only a handful of VCs with a Product Management background. He presented his views on what Product and VCs should expect from each other – and how they should interact at the last ProductTank: A VC Perspective on […]

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User Feedback, The Google+ Way

BY Sam Collins on July 25, 2011

Direct feedback from users of your product is an essential part of product management. While analytics will provide heaps of data to infer what users are thinking, direct feedback from users adds another dimension to this data. And Google seems to have upped the stakes recently. This is a look at one of the most important aspects […]

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Product Management - A key component for VC backed businesses?

BY Martin Eriksson on July 15, 2011

Mitch Pender of Antrak Capital joined us at the last ProductTank to share his view on Product Management. As a general manager and commercial manager for over 15 years Mitch brings a unique perspective from outside Product Management, and argues that while the function is crucial to the success of a start up – in […]

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