Product Management Training

Mind the Product WorkshopsLike all good product managers we’re always hungry to learn new skills, hone our craft, and improve our skills any way we can. So together with the true experts in the field we host regular product management training and workshops to do just that – in everything from product management essentials to product leadership training.

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April 27
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The Product Management Workshops

Product Management Essentials
Design Sprints
The Psychology of Product Design
Lean Product Optimisation
Stakeholder Management for Product Leaders
& more to be announced soon


Product Management Essentials

After hearing a lot of frustration with the existing courses and workshops out there, both from attendees and instructors, we sat down with a number of them to design our intensive course covering all the essentials of product management.

About the course

Whether you’ve got a few years under your belt or are new to Product Management, this workshop will bring you up to speed on all the essentials you’ll need to know about being an awesome Product Manager. The workshop delves deep into topics such as:

  • the definition of products and product management
  • the importance of communication with customers
  • user personas and how to utilize them; the connection between business and product
  • how to use metrics and KPIs to stay on track
  • how to condense your knowledge into user stories to share with your teammates

The instructor

Kate Leto is a seasoned product manager with over 16 years experience leading product at companies like Yahoo and Most recently she’s been helping numerous London start-ups build their product functions.


Design Sprints

Shortcut the usual endless debate cycle around new product ideas with Design Sprints. Design Sprints are a process for rapidly answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. In this workshop C Todd Lombardo will guide you through a day-long mini-design sprint so you can get firsthand experience of what it’s like to participate in one. You’ll walk away knowing how to implement them in your organization. Small groups will work their way through each phase of a design sprint and along the way we’ll discuss tips and gotchas for how to execute design sprints in your organization and hear stories of how other organizations have implemented them.

The instructor

C. Todd Lombardo is a leader who wears many hats, all at once: Author, designer, scientist, professor, and visualizer. After originally beginning his career in science, C. Todd shifted his focus to product and design, ultimately innovating, designing, and managing products for countless companies large and small. In his role as Chief Design Strategist at Fresh Tilled Soil, he employs strategic thinking to craft smart, impactful solutions that radically transform clients’ product strategies. C. Todd serves as Adjunct Faculty at IE business School in Madrid, and co-authored the Design Sprint book published by O’Reilly.


Psychology of Product Design with Joe Leech

A practical, hands on way to understand how the human brain works and apply that knowledge to User Experience and product design. You know somethings are ‘good design’ and some things are ‘bad design’ for UX but have never been quite sure why? Learn the psychological principles behind how our brain makes sense of the world and apply that to product and user interface design.

After the workshop you’ll be able to:

  • Design products, apps and websites that match how people think and behave
  • Make more compelling designs
 that use psychology theory to enhance their effectiveness
  • Make better, informed design decisions and advocate to the wider team using psychology theory

Come to the workshop and you’ll able to put psychology into practice as soon as you get back to the office.

The instructor

Joe Leech has spent the last 13 years working in UX with organisations like eBay, Marriott and Virgin. He has a degree in Neuroscience and an MSc in Human Computer Interaction and is a trained, experienced teacher so expect to be sketching, designing and applying the psychology from the very start.


Lean Product Optimisation

In this workshop, Craig Sullivan will teach the complete lifecycle of his Methodology for Optimising Products. From initial research and sizing up what tools to apply and where to test – you’ll then learn how to generate solid hypotheses for product changes and how to build, implement and iterate designs using AB testing, data and feedback.

You will find out how to stop guessing about product design and figure out what defects or product areas cost you money, what people actually want and which things will really make a difference to your performance figures. You’ll get hands-on coaching with Q&A – to help you find, prioritise and launch tests, with credible statistics and washup reports to share with your team.

Craig will share hands-on techniques covering Lean Analytics, Research Tools, Prioritisation, AB testing, Voice of Customer, UX Research and Hypothesis Generation. With a complete slide pack, A3 worksheets, downloads and printables – you’ll be better armed to transform your own teams.

The instructor

Craig has been blending UX, Analytics, Split Testing, Voice of Customer and Conversion Optimisation techniques since 2006. He’s also been building teams, launching products and hacking the growth of websites for companies like Google, LOVEFiLM, Lego, John Lewis, eBay and more. You can find him tweeting from @OptimiseOrDie on everything to do with Numbers, UX and Psychology.


Stakeholder Management for Product Leaders

Whether you’ve already been a Head of Product for a few years, or are new to the job, stakeholder management is one the biggest factors in your success as a product leader. And feedback from this community shows it’s also one of the biggest challenges. This workshop is designed to increase your knowledge and skills, and to give you practical tools to address these challenges, and to turn your relationships with stakeholders into productive and rewarding parts of your role.

You’ll bring your own stakeholder challenge into the workshop, and will leave with a bespoke plan that you can put into action as soon as you get back to the office. In the process you’ll learn theory, tools, attitudes and habits that you can bring to stakeholder management whatever your future brings.

Topics include Stakeholder analysis, Emotional intelligence, Conflict and Negotiation, and Building Consensus.

The instructor

Julia Whitney is a Leadership Coach whose approach to leadership was forged in her 20 years leading UX teams at the intersection of media and digital in a variety of complex and challenging stakeholder environments. Before founding her leadership business, Whitney and Associates, she was Executive Creative Director, and General Manager of UX&D at the BBC for 5 years, leading it’s 150-strong UX&D department.