More Awesome Speakers for #mtpcon SF 2017

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UPDATED Mind the Product San Francisco 2017 promises to be one of our best product conferences yet, with double the number of workshops, more networking events around the conference, and more fun than ever before. But most importantly, we are thrilled to bring you some of the best minds in product and design from around the world to share some truly world-class insights, which is why I’m excited to announce our first three amazing speakers!

Tickets are on sale now – the early birds sold out in mere minutes so don’t miss out!

Josh ElmanJosh Elman, Partner, Greylock

Josh is a Partner at Greylock, a leading silicon valley venture capital firm. Before becoming an investor Josh spent 15 years in product and engineering roles at leading companies in social, commerce, and media. He was the product lead for growth and relevance at Twitter, growing Twitter’s active user base by nearly 10x. Prior to Twitter, Josh worked on the platform at Facebook and led the launch of Facebook Connect. Josh was an early employee at LinkedIn and helped establish early models for user growth and launched v1 of LinkedIn Jobs. Josh also held roles leading product management for Zazzle, and product and engineering for RealJukebox and RealPlayer at RealNetworks.

Josh currently serves on the boards of Medium, Discord, (observer), Life On Air (makers of Houseparty), and Operator. Josh also works closely with our investments in Nextdoor and Whosay. Josh led Greylock’s investment in SmartThings (acquired by Samsung in 2014) and Jelly (acquired by Pinterest in 2017).

Janice FraserJanice Fraser, SVP, Bionic

Janice is a serial entrepreneur and a globally recognized expert on the management practices needed to support innovation at scale. Her clients have included the Obama White House, Proctor & Gamble, Lyft, and the Navy Seals Training Command. Fraser currently serves as SVP at Bionic, where she installs entrepreneurship and venture capital as forms of growth management in Fortune 100 companies, which enables them to launch new billion-dollar businesses. Previously, Fraser was Director of Innovation and Transformation at Pivotal and she has founded and served as CEO for several startups, including Luxr, an early Lean Startup firm, and Adaptive Path, the world’s first User Experience firm.

Dave WaschaDave Wascha, CPO Photobox

Dave is the Chief Product Officer at PhotoBox, Europe’s leading personalised product printing company. Prior to this Dave ran product at Travelex and, and spent 14 years at Microsoft in Seattle and in London product managing a wide variety of products including web browsers, developer tools, enterprise application integration (EAI) software, operating systems, online shopping and travel and web search.

Janna BastowJanna Bastow, CEO & Co-Founder, ProdPad

Janna is the CEO and co-founder of ProdPad, product management and roadmapping software for product people, an international speaker, as well as co-founder of Mind the Product. Prior to starting these ventures, she led product initiatives at several startups in London and Montreal, and is actively involved in furthering the craft of product management through mentoring, consulting and training. She often starts and stops conversations with the question: “What problem are you trying to solve?”

Aparna ChennapragadaAparna Chennapragada, Director of Product Management, Google

Aparna Chennapragada is a Director of Product Management at Google and Technical Assistant (TA) to the CEO. She most recently led the product development of Google Now, a digital assistant that proactively brings information to you through the day. Having led multiple efforts across Google Search and YouTube over the years, she is excited about the potential of AI and algorithms in powering useful everyday products. Aparna has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry, as a computer scientist, engineer, and product leader, starting with helping build the world’s first content delivery services at Akamai technologies. She has a Masters in Management and Engineering from MIT, Masters in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelors in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras.

Nate WalkingshawNate Walkingshaw, Author and CXO Pluralsight

Nate started his first company in 2004 where he revolutionized medical evacuation with Paraslyde, later acquired by Stryker Medical. In 2011, Nate left Stryker to build Brightface, a product development company that focused on mobile and web applications including Cycleface which was acquired by Strava, the #1 fitness app for endurance athletes. Nate then became the Chief of Research and Innovation at Tanner Labs, where he built O.C. Tanner’s first human-centered product development team. In January 2015 Nate was named the Chief Product Officer for Pluralsight, the largest providers of online technology learning, where he built a user centered product team, and in February 2016 Nate’s role expanded to Chief Experience Office to also oversee Development, Content, and Product Marketing. He is also the co-author of Product Leadership: How Top Product Leaders Launch Great Products and Build Successful Teams (O’Reilly 2017).

Melissa PerriMelissa Perri, Author and Founder ProdUX Labs

Melissa Perri is a Product Manager, UX Designer, and speaker based in New York City. As the CEO of ProdUX Labs, Melissa does strategy and training for product management teams globally. As a practitioner and a coach, Melissa enjoys finding the best processes for her clients while tackling their toughest product problems with the team. Her clients have included Spotify, Rovio, Valtech, Plated, Wayra UK, and Levo League and before becoming a consultant, Melissa worked as a Product Manager and UX Designer at Barclays Capital, OpenSky, Capital IQ, and Conductor. She is currently writing about her experience in The Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value (O’Reilly 2017).

We’ll announce the rest of the speakers over the coming months, but trust us you don’t want to miss this event! For a reminder of what our audience and speakers thought of last year’s conference, check out our recap video:

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