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In an inspiring talk, Andreas Thorsheim talks about information gathering and synthesis in relation to the product manager role, middle management, and stakeholder communication management. He points out that the product manager is a central keystone of information within the organisation, acting both to hold everything together and to channel energy to the parts of the organisation where it’s needed.

Additionally, as a product manager is also general management. Whether or not you actually have people formally reporting to you, you are responsible for managing information and communication in several directions. There’s vision and reporting going up and down the chain of command, as well as status updates and functional communication moving across the business.

With that in mind, Andreas dives into insights into different kinds of communication, internal and external information sources and broadcasting, and some ways of shaping team operations to maximise your ability to operate effectively.

  • Think hard about what you’re communicating, how you’re communicating it, and to who
  • Always work to keep your organisation in the loop
  • Think of yourself as a central fulcrum for information and energy – you’re not only holding things together, but also channelling both to where they need to be in the organisation.

Check out the Q&A for the ProductTank Oslo February talks!

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