A Skype Group Chat for Product Managers

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Okily dokily, this is a bit of a lunch-time experiment. @bfgmartin, @simoncast, @simplybastow and I are always in a group Skype chat together – primarily for MindTheProduct/ProductTank/ProductCamp stuff but we’ve found it really useful to be able to bounce ideas and ask questions from three other Product Managers and get a quick response. I’ve been wondering if this might work on a larger scale, so I’d like to try it out quickly.

“But there’s Twitter and hashtags or IRC or email?!” – yes yes but there must be a reason that the four of us prefer the Skype domain instead of pinging each other on twitter with some obscure hashtag right? So, please help to resolve my curiosity about this.

If you would like to participate in this experimental (possibly awful) Product Manager Group Chat you will need to:

  1. Download Skype
  2. Join this MindTheProduct Group Chat (will open in Skype)

OK – experiment begins… see you there!

Update: It’s actually working very well, our little experiment is still running over a week later with 30+ Product Managers chatting on an ad-hoc basis. Tends to be a lot of Q&A and advice-seeking.

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  • Thomas Schwaiger

    is this Skype group chat still in use? The link doesnt seem to work.

  • Furqan Hameed

    is this thing still in use?

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